My interactive installation at the ACNE ID Launch party in Los Angeles.

The concept:

"The Sphere" installation concept presented the participants with the opportunity to explore the aural and visual extension and reaction of their body movement in the 5.1 surround-sound and surround-visual environment.

How it worked:

Interacting with the wireless Sphere created intended and unintended consequences in alien-like aesthetic room.
The generative visuals and sound design were morphed and triggered depending on the type and speed of the Sphere movement. This formed results that the audience created but did not foresee.

Drasko Vucevic: Concept, Direction, M4L, Sound Design
Stephen Surlin: Hardware Design, Max, Arduino
Ivan Sharko: Visuals, Cinder

Music in the video:
part 1: Drasko V - Sungaze
part 2: Richard Devine - Etch 'n' Sketch (Drasko V Remix)

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