Dramatic demonstration of David's timegrants, continued. Graph download link (1.3MB): brainout.net/Abraham-Messiah.png . It may help a lot, if you look at the worksheet while listening: brainout.net/GeneYrs.xls .

It's because David's timegrants end 7 years LATE (due to civil war in Israel between 1010-1004BC) that the Tribulation is post-Christ, and is a real 7-year period which must yet be 'paid'. In future videos we'll go through Psalm 90, Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9, to show they all reconcile to this 7-year lateness in David's reign. Scholars miss it, because they dismissively treat 1Kings 6:1 as a scribal error, and hence misdate David's age at death. Bible doesn't make that mistake; as you'll see, in future videos.

This timeline is depicted sabbatically in Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53. Those passages will be quickly summarized in future YMH videos. If you want to see the fuller timeline story both chapters convey via their Hebrew meter -- which forms the basis for the Daniel 9 numbers -- click here for the Psalm 90 Youtube video playlist: youtube.com/view_play_list?p=FF2856603C945631

Outside Youtube, you can see the same playlist, plus the associated Isaiah 53 videos, here: brainout.net/BibleHebrewMeter.htm . This video was originally posted 01/11/2010. File Name: Yap10r3.avi, in Yapping folder.

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