This shows that you need different settings for different slow motion speeds and that certain footage cannot be slowed down to 1/8th normal speed.

So that I didn't get any motion blur, I set the shutter speed to 1/500th.

The sample footage is made up of two shots.

1. Original footage (which was shot 1080i) - scaled down for Vimeo to 720p

2. Final Cut Pro 1/2 speed version: ['Speed...' from the Modify menu] This throws away one field for each frame and creates new frames by blending existing ones.

3. Compressor 1/2 speed frame blended version: Takes each field and deinterlaces to produce a frame.

4. Compressor 1/4 speed motion compensated version: Looks at each frame to see in which direction groups of pixels are moving - creates new frames based on these guesses.

5. Compressor 1/4 speed high quality motion compensated version: As before, but spending more time analysing the pixels in each frame.

6. Compressor 1/8 speed high quality motion compensated version: As before, but slower. This shows that 1/8th speed doesn't work with this kind of footage, but it does 'go wrong' in an interesting way.

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