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Private View - 3rd December 2009

-Teaser Video by PRICKIMAGE


HOUSE OF ORGANZA is a unique collaborative project from East London designer LYALL HAKARAIA (Harpers Baazar, Numero , French and Italian Vogue) and stylist KIM HOWELLS (Dazed & Confused, Dazed Japan, Dazed Digital, V and V Man magazine's). Mixing couture techniques and fabrics with architectural inspiration they have created a large scale work that encapsulates Lyall's famous Vogue Fabrics venue with the talents of a diverse group of fashion's hottest designers and creatives.

The HOUSE OF ORGANZA has commissioned London's forward-thinking fashion talents to take multiple layers of white ruffled organza and create a unique garment that has been inspired by, and will briefly become part of, the actual structure of Vogue Fabrics itself. Avant-garde jewellery designer and stylist JUDY BLAME; experimental knitwear designer CRAIG LAWRENCE; milliner de jour PIERS ATKINSON; subversive designer and customiser NOKI; New Generation-winning accessory designer FRED BUTLER; cutting edge shoe designer ATALANTA WELLER and cult glove makers GLOVED UP combine forces to produce a one-off multi-level couture collection.

Stiff silk organza ruffles will cover the three-storey building in East End's artistic hub; Dalston, drawing parallels between designing for a building and designing for a person, creating an ephemeral art/fashion event; styling the house as one would style a model but on a scale that is unavoidably monumental.

HOUSE OF ORGANZA creator LYALL HAKARAIA draws inspiration from the following statement : "Fashion and architecture have a great deal in common - fashion can often be ephemeral and superficial, using soft, fluid materials; whereas architecture is considered monumental and permanent, using strong, rigid materials. Regardless of difference in size, scale and materials, the point of origin for both fashion design and architecture is the human body, both practices protect and shelter us, while providing a means to express our identities whether personal, political, religious or cultural"

The bespoke pieces are styled by Kim Howells and shot by Mari Sarai (Dazed & Confused, Nylon, Tokion, Common Sense, Dazed Japan) Ben Strebel and Dylan Byrne, the talented young duo at Bogstandard (dazed digital, MTV), present a short film of the artworks. The images will be exhibited in a gallery space built in the very foundations of Vogue Fabrics. The exhibition will launch with a private view on Thursday 3rd December and open to the public on Friday 4th

PRICKIMAGE will be in attendance at the Private View capturing fun and frivolities for the 'Making of...' video to be released shortly after the exhibition launch. Behind the scenes from the initial photo shoot will be included plus the recently completed video shoot for the short film

HOUSE OF ORGANZA is situated at 66 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XB

For more press info please contact Andy Butcher at Laundry Communications

HYPERLINK "mailto:andy@laundrycommunications.com"andy@laundrycommunications.com / 07930 520 649


LYALL HAKARIA is an institution among fashion insiders having been making couture creations for some of the world's top magazines such as Harpers Bazzar, Italian Vogue and Numero and fashion forward celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Jonny Woo, Madonna and Kylie as well as bespoke interiors and installations. He is also known to a generation of club kids as the raconteur behind Vogue Fabrics, the underground club that has hosted such nights as Hot Boy Dancing Spot, NYC Downlow and Dirt box.

KIM HOWELLS is a London based multimedia stylist who contributes to Dazed, Dazed Japan, Dazed Digital, V and V VMAN embracing the multimedia ethic and is successful working in print, online and, most recently, film. Her music videos for Skunk Anansie, for whom she is a full-time stylist, and Esser have gained industry acknowledgement as have her fashion films for London’s rising stars including Fred Butler, Piers Atkinson, NOKI and Hannah Marshall. Howells also works alongside these designers and more as a consultant.

JUDY BLAME has been an avant-garde influence since the early 1980s. A multi-tasking creator and industry leader, London-based stylist Judy Blame, has his finger on every unforgettable happening in the British fashion world, including the iconic ID and The Face editorials in the 80's plus Boy George's stylish and eye catching accessories. Nowadays, the stylist, jeweller, designer and art director is responsible, among other creative tasks, for Comme des Garcons male accessories line.

NOKI is a subversive fashion designer and customiser. He is famously anonymous, recognisable only for the masks he wears, NOKI (an anagram of and pun on IKON) believes customisation - the act of altering a garment through cutting, stitching or embellishing it - to be an assault on the homogeneity of mass-produced, globalised fashion design and an act of bringing it closer to Haute Couture.

GLOVED UP have been creating amazing gloves since 2001 that have a cult following from the likes of Anna Piagi, Patti Wilson and Lady Gaga, Madonna and Kylie. Their aim is to take inspiration from fashion history and give them a contemporary wearable twist.

PIERS ATKINSON has worn nearly as many hats as he’s made. Artist, illustrator, milliner, costume designer, party organiser, fashion editor, project manager – his creative energies only seem to be matched by an insatiable curiosity. The meteoric milliner exploded this season opening London Fashion Week as part of Steven Jones's Headonism with oversized cherries, pvc banannas's and pearl necklaces.

CRAIG LAWRENCE has not long graduated from Central Saint Martins and is quickly gaining a strong reputation as a experimental and explosive knitwear designer. Craig's bold and ambitious choice of material has led to his work gracing many of the worlds top magazines.

FRED BUTLER is part of the New Gen crowd and one of London's most sought after unique accessory designers. Her designs have been described as “Wearable sculpture, intricate textures, material manipulation, graphic shape and pattern, strong colour contrast with black and white highlights, iridescence and metallics”. Her work has an incredible origami aesthetic and regularly features in magazines such as Dazed and Confused, i - d, POP and Vogue.

ATLANTA WELLER another member of the NEW GEN crew has simply redefined innovation in fashion and reinvented shoes – entirely. This newcomer popped up in this year’s London Fashion Week with her own collection after a string of successful collaborations with designers such as Gareth Pugh, Henry Holland and Sinha - Stanic.


MARI SARAI is an amazing photographer who has shot for Dazed & Confused, Nylon, Tokion, Common Sense, Dazed Japan, WWD Fast, and Y-3.

BOGSTANDARD is the name of a director’s duo made up of Dylan Byrne and Ben Strebel. They work predominantly as music video and commercials directors but also run a creative studio specialising in motion graphics, animation, design, and post for film, TV and digital.

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