Fata Morgana – investigating the malleability of 3D point data
CITAstudio in collaboration with ScanLAB Projects ( scanlabprojects.co.uk/ )

Title: Folding The Scene
Created by: Jens Ulrik Jørgensen, Wenyu Wu, Shirin Zaghi

The aim of the workshop was to introduce students to the tools, concepts and practice of high-end laser scanning technologies and the requisite methods of data processing. The ability to capture large-scale spaces and objects to sub-millimeter accuracy and in full colour permits the rendering of fully three dimensional scenes to support design activity. However, the underlying medium of digital representation as a data-set offers the potential for captured ‘assets’ to become a space of design.

In this workshop we asked students to consider the captured point-cloud data as a site in its own right, to explore its malleability and its potentials for suggestive spatial speculation. The workshop used the CITAstudio exhibition Adaptive Aggregations, exhibited from 11.10-24.10.13 in Festsalen, KADK, as a site of investigation.

Six films were produced over the four day workshop, each exploring a different spatial thematic.
Film production had to follow four rules:

• Each film had to begin with the same 3D model snapshot – the opening ‘frame’ of the exhibition.
• Each film had to begin from the same scale and vantage point.
• Each film had to return to these starting points
• Each film had to be precisely 120 seconds/3000 frames long

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