The media art installation OscFluctuation, can be seen as an interactive audiovisual Instrument, which is played by the visitor’s movement. The title combines the English terms oscillation and fluctuation, which both can be traced back in such diverse fields as thermodynamics, music and quantum mechanics. Our work seeks to blurs the line between predictability, improvisation and composition. Recorded movement sequences are projected as Silhouettes onto the very distinctive windows of the Szene Salzburg. The movement within these sequences is analyzed and translated into sound parameters, which results in an ever changing improvisation of music, movement and algorithms.

OscFluctuation is a project in cooperation with "Altstadt Salzburg Marketing GmbH"
(city marketing of Salzburg)

Florian Jindra

Robert Praxmarer, Gerlinde Emsenhuber, Robert Sommeregger, Steven Stojanovic, Thomas Wagner
CADET & PELS Research Team,
MultiMediaTechnology Department
Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

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