We were excited to have Shedd Aquarium in Chicago come back to us for another round of 'Feel the Wonder’. This time instead of featuring Stingrays they wanted to highlight an ensemble of animals including Dolphins, Penguins, Beluga Whales, and Lake Sturgeon.

We used the cast of animals as inspiration in creating new environmental pieces. Each animal was modeled and rigged in 3D and placed into environments complete with rock cliffs, icebergs, and underwater plant-life. Now our little friends have a home!

We partnered with our directing team Mark & Amanda of One at Optimus to capture all of the live action. The animal footage was captured onsite at Shedd Aquarium and our guests were filmed right here at Optimus on our stage. From design to the final audio mix, this was a truly ‘all under one roof’ collaboration.

Production Company: One at Optimus
Directors: Mark Pallman, Amanda Speva
Producer: Sarah Slevin-Wien

Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Design Producer: Jon Desir
Design: Donnie Bauer
CGI Modeling: Drew Parks, Jesus Bibian, Mark Walczak
CGI Rigging: Luis Mayorga, Mark Walczak
Animation: Luis Mayorga, Mark Walczak,
Donnie Bauer, Steven Greenwalt
Compositing: Donnie Bauer

Editor: Lucy Radke
Assistant Editor: Luke Sloma
Post Producer: Brian Hrastar
Assistant Producer: Katie Smith
Colorist: Oscar Oboza
Cleanup: Marko Markewycz, Cory Davis
Audio Engineer: Marina Bacci

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