This six-minute piece describes how Angelo Musco, a New York-based artist, staged a large photo shoot to create part of a piece he called Aranea. The video of the event was shot by a volunteer. I interviewed Angelo about the piece a few days after he finished his postproduction and then cut this.
Angelo Musco works with the human body to create his art. To make Aranea he needed an enormous quantity of naked bodies. He held a photo shoot in Asbury Park, NJ, and around 80 models were recruited to participate. The convention hall on the boardwalk was closed to the public at midnight and for over five hours Angelo and his assistant Danielle worked with the models to create the numerous shapes needed to form the piece.
As Angelo explains in the video, the word Aranea defines a genus of orb-weaving spider thus the creation of the piece consisted in weaving a web with human bodies. The photos taken this evening were mostly used to create the negative space of the web. Several additional photo sessions were held in his New York studio to create the positive elements.
In the end Angelo and Danielle worked for several months, and in the last 2 months for 12 - 20 hours a day, to create a web with over 52,000 bodies. The final piece, shown briefly at the end of the video, is one 8' X 16' photograph in four panels. Aranea exhibited at Pulse Art Fair in Miami in 2009. Angelo is represented by the Carrie Secrist gallery.

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