In "The Great Conflict: The Woman and The Dragon", Section 4 of The Book of Revelation Video Series, we come, not only to the great central subject of the whole Book of Revelation, but to the central pair of the Seven Visions, and to the actual literary center of the whole Book.

This shows us that we are on the threshold of a very important part of Scripture which relates to the actual Revelation or Unveiling of the glorious Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The whole section of Scripture that we cover in Section 4, Revelation 12-15, is not only episodal in subject and parenthetical in form, but is a good example of historical, or, rather, prophetic hysterologia (a form of hyperbaton by which the events, though written down later, took place earlier than those which immediately precede in historical narration). That is to say, that what we have in Revelation 12-15 is a prophetic record of events which will take place before Revelation 6, and will lead up to, and run parallel with, what is recorded in Revelation 6 onward.

We pray that this film will edify and richly bless you, as you grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Great God, LORD, and Savior Jesus Christ.

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