Directed by Dani Be

Edited by Dani Be & Avalon Ainsley

Cinematography by Sing Howe Yam

Hair and Make Up by Jocelyn Bada

Jewelry Adornments by Cabrina Channing Silverworks
and G.G.Page

Production Co-ordinator: Christina Neston
Camera Operator: Alex Kornreich
Camera Assistant: Jacquelin Stahl
Gaffer: Greg LeFevre
Location Sound: Jake Atlas

Special Thank You:

Art Now SF & Carter Adams
Gladkill and Chris B
The wonderful and talented Jocelyn Bada

And, extra special thank you to everyone who supported
us through kickstarter:


Daniel Zaide
Simplify Recordings
Cecily Madanes
Robin Chan
Alex Grande

Associate Producers:

Patricia Martin
Josef Zaide
Pohsuan Zaide
Ben XO Isaacs
John Kless
Rick Starbuck
Lester Braden
Conner Rirchardson
Tobias Schuch
Andrew Nguyen

Thank You:

Donovan Fannon
Sophia Wolkowicz
Lee Fah Davidson
Alex Thomas
Christopher Williams
Mitchell Kuntz
Mary Doherty
Squirrel Murphey
Amir Musin
Cody Conger
Michelle Furedy
Jonathan Broome
Aaron Miller
Dominic Sandoval
Stephen Mesa
Shay Brog
Hjalmar Kristiansen
Andre Recinto
Jenny Shu
Michael Yap
Dustin Boyer
Diane Dickson
Dahlia Rusinek
David Sugalski
Molly Brooks
David Bodrug
Terence Tso
Jamie Eddie
Isica Lynn
Daniel Ingram
Mary Trokenberg
Nadine Bloomfield
Jessica Fern Fox
Christopher Harman
Sandra & Greg Wong

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