(This is the 1080p version of the film trailer. A 720p version is also available at vimeo.com/78027804 for faster playback.)

MIND'S EYE is a mindbending metaphysical sci fi thriller, starring Dean Cain, Natalie Distler and Izzie Steele, and featuring Malcolm Mcdowell. Appearances by Monte Markham and Aaron Perilo.

A young high-school musician, Mattie Carver, is on a strange and unpredictable journey through the looking-glass world of the mind’s eye. Joined by her science teacher, the school psychologist, two mysterious men in black, and her closest friends, Mattie must find the truth in a constantly morphing reality before it slips away from her forever. MIND'S EYE deals with the paradoxes of time and memory, trauma and loss.

This is the first product release from Black Wing Digital Entertainment, a company inspired by other mindbending classics such as MEMENTO, JACOB'S LADDER, PI, DONNIE DARKO, and MULHOLLAND DRIVE. Black Wing Digital produces feature films and documentaries which probe beyond the surfaces to find the mysteries underneath.

© 2013 Mind's Eye LLC

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