View in HD, fullscreen. How Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 Hebrew meter prove the 490+70+490=1050 accounting valid.
You'll need to view the Psalm 90 playlist, to get the most out of this Part 10s:

This Part 10s focuses ONLY on the meter numbers. Future videos will focus on content matching. For I will translate the meter into English, so you can test both meter and content, yourself.

Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 visual aids used in videos which you can download:

Psalm 90 in Hebrew, Meter (shown in video)
Download fonts so can read the Hebrew:

Isaiah 53 in Hebrew, Meter:

Isaiah 53Map (shown in video): . This video was originally posted 01/14/2010. File Name: Yap10s2Ps90Isa53Meter.avi, in Yapping folder.

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