Title of the Work: CITYSCAPES II : Chicago / Adulthood ( 2013, Video, HD )
Credit : A Video by Kai-Duc LUONG / Music by Brett CALLAWAY
email: info@kaiducluong.com (Video) / bcallaw@gmail.com (Music)
web link: kaiducluong.com/Cityscapes-II-Chicago
2013 © kaiducluong.com

For best HD video quality, please change the settings to "1080p" with the wheel at the bottom right corner of the video.

Description of the work:
This work is the second installment of a series of videos paying tribute to the skyline of cities where the artist, Kai-Duc LUONG, has a personal attachment with.
Kai-Duc LUONG first created 'Cityscapes I: Paris' paying homage to the city of light from his childhood's apartment balcony in the 18th district of Paris - a video which featured an ethereal Parisian Skyline transformed into a Rorschach of colors and emotions as time passes by.

'Cityscapes II : Chicago' portrays in a unique fashion the city where the artist grew up as an adult - Chicago. And so as the series goes, childhood Paris gives place to adulthood Chicago, and this second installment of cityscapes features an enlightened, contemporary urban setting where the skyline evolves and morphs as time passes and as life evolves. Featuring a haunting musical score specifically composed for this piece by composer/singer/songwriter Brett Callaway.

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