An original Australian theatre production intergrating an alternative rock score with next generation dancers and musicians that are also dancers. Set to appease all walks of life.

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Written and Choreographed by artistic director Travers Ross.
Music written by Brad Harrison, Edward Carbury and Travers Ross.
Genres included in the music: Rock, Indie, Hip Hop, Classical and Electronic.
Genre’s in the dance: Hip Hop fusions, Tricking acrobatics, Break dancing, Ballet, Latin/ Tango, Circus and Tribal fusions.

Everybody can relate to this story.
Boji is told through todays modern styles of original music and dance with a 14 track album written by the dancer fusion band Colloquy and a dance company put together including 10 extraordinary dancers of Australia, todays Michael Jacksons, Gene Kelly’s and Frank Sinatra’s, the individuals. Travers has this designed to be a stage show for theatre’s or major stage events based around the band playing live with all the other talents coming in and out of each song to tell the story. This is a opportunity to present a new generation of a musical in a theatre where a Rock Hip hop concert meets a artistic dance show presented in the direction of a musical format. This Aussie boys story could open the minds of audiences after audiences all around the world to believing in them selves and finding self love and encourage people to be honest to them selves.
Becoming a Man of the 21st century is a lot different from the historic stories that have been past on over time.
Boji Stone was born in 1984 and through his growth as a boy, found he was different from the other people that surrounded him. From past experiences he stopped sharing with the world his truest self that was beneath the fake front he showed to keep people around him happy even his loved one’s. Boji was afraid of being himself and ran a pattern throughout his life that drove his soul into a bitter place and a external pleasant facade. He knew this was not what life was about, he knew there was more to just keeping everything normal around him by being like everybody else.
Boji got to a point where he was so in his head thinking and dwelling too much to even know what was in front of him. He lost the motivation of the creative honest person he was when he was younger, he lost his mind.
He had no where to go but back home or end it all, which to him and his peers felt like giving up his dreams career and status in life.
This move of giving up his businesses, girlfriend and everything he thought he ever wanted sent him on a journey he could have never imagined, his life and the lives that surrounded him.
From this point on, his life was never the same.

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