Everybody knows how amazing China is for skateboarding. China has been heavily covered, with it's marble, granite. steel and weird sculptures lining every street and city, it's a certified skateboarder's paradise. Well, we didn't go to China. Fuck it. It's already been done.

This was the first Element trip with a newly revamped Australian team. . . Alex Lawton, Deen Rakich, Christian Low, Jeremy Corea and Element pro, Bjorn Johnston.

Little did we know, but midsummer is not an ideal time to visit Taiwan. It's hot, susceptible to rain, floods, storms, typhoons and other climatic changes that are not exactly skate friendly. We still don't know if there were any reported deaths, but we're happy to say we all managed to survive our first ever typhoon.

As skateboarding is relatively new in Taiwan, we saw more than our fair share of virgin spots. We're talking perfect marble hubbas without a lick of wax, and tiny immaculate handrails without a trace of boardslide.

We were on the search for the ultimate spot porn and Taiwan didn't disappoint.

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