Ricky (or some people would call him Anyan) and Raisa are probably the jazziest couple I have ever had the chance to work with. Their love for fashion and vintage stuff has shown from the very beginning. Raisa’s innocence and Ricky’s lunatic personality have made them the goofiest and happiest couple in town. Without a doubt, you can feel the breeze of their sincere love whenever they are around, bringing joy to the people around them. One of their groomsmen even said, “Seeing them makes you happy.”

It is so heart-warming to see a couple that is so full of laughter, not to mention their oh-so-hilarious wedding vow. I, sometimes go to my computer and re-watch this video just as much as I want. :p

It is obvious that their love for one another is what makes them, by far the most entertaining couple in town. Being around them truly makes you happy, and you just can’t help it. You just want to share those overwhelming happiness to the people around you too. And I think it is what we call a true blessing.

So here it is, Ricky & Raisa’s “Vintage Wedding” same-day-edit video. Share this if you like this video! And be prepared to shed a tear or two :p


Andry Ganda & Cameo Family

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