TEDx Amsterdam Award 2013. The unknown solution to global warming, the environmental crisis, raw material scarcity and economic crisis!

The underestimated negative impact of a supply chain (= raw material sourcing and production phase) of a product or service. Often most negative impact is in the production phase and not in the usage phase.

An inconvenient truth for manufacturers or producers? In general, the more we re-use, the better for the environment but the less money manufacturers or producers earn. Bad news for Wall Street or stock exchanges or stock markets? Local economy grows.

Re-use is the underestimated and significant solution to global warming and the environmental, raw material and economic crisis.

Why do we re-use so little and why don't we treat our products more carefully?

1. Innovation is a positive change in behavior.
2. Knowledge stimulates the right behavior.
3. Let's change our behavior for a better world!

DURABILIT has developed the award winning DURABILIT Greener Network Methodology together with scientists. The Greener Network Methodology shows how much co2 emissions are reduced by re-using in stead of stimulating production by buying or purchasing new products.

Why buy something new while the same product with the same quality already has been produced?

The TEDx Amsterdam Award presentation rule is that the presentation or pitch needs to be done in 5 minutes.

drs. Mathieu Sueters - DURABILIT

DURABILIT is European market leader in buying and selling refurbished and used hardware like used Cisco, used Juniper, used HP, Brocade, F5 networks and more.

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