As part of 'Schwitz' - Crucial Experiment exhibition, Sergio Valenzuela make a choreography with a 'sweat collector' designed by himself into the MA Art & Science context. The central idea is relate the smells and odors from the dancers with the ink colours through printed frames of this experiment. The final installation is part of Vienna Art week in Ovalhalle gallery at Museum Quartier.

Choreography and 'sweat collector' design: Sergio Valenzuela.
Performance: Manuel Wagner (magenta), Patrick Redl (cyan) and Sergio Valenzuela (yellow)
Video Shooting and Photo lights settings: Max Kropitz
Make up: Roberto Caro. Sponsored by Sergej Benedetter.

'Schwitz' - Art&science team: Zahra Shahabi Sirjani, Mariz C Hilber, Max Kropitz and Sergio Valenzuela.
Sponsored by MA Art & Science -Die Angewandte Kunst. University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Wien, Österreich

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