On a dark and stormy night, a disgruntled funeral home director is visited by an odd group with a simple request.

Produced by the Southern Documentary Project at the University of Mississippi
"The Embalming"
A Matthew Graves film

Johnny McPhail, Rhes Low, Lester Ferrell, Micah Ginn, Daniel Morrow, Chris Williams, Frank Tuttle, Maddie Cavett and Ben Harper.

Produced, Edited, and Directed by Matthew Graves
Written by Frank Tuttle
Executive Produced by Andy Harper
Lights and Sound by Gregory Gray
Production Design / Costumes / Makeup by Laura Cavett
Assistant Director Matt Minshew
Assistant Makeup Karen Tuttle, Melissa Graves
Additional Costumes by Meaghan Burke, Emmy Parks


©copyright 2013 University of Mississippi

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