Ver­trautes neu se­hen und an­dere Geschicht­en erfin­d­en: Ein Jahr nach seinem Amt­san­tritt wagt der Di­rek­tor Philipp Kais­er ei­nen frischen Blick auf die Samm­lung des Mu­se­um Lud­wig. Der endgültig-vor­läu­fige Auss­tel­lungsti­tel Not Yet Ti­tled ist ein Hin­weis auf das zen­trale Mo­ment der Präsen­ta­tion: Das Mu­se­um ist ein Ort, an dem Kun­st­geschichte aus Sicht der Ge­gen­wart im­mer wied­er neu be­trachtet, be­w­ertet und umgeschrieben wird.


Seeing familiar things with new eyes and coming up with different stories: one year after assuming his post, our Director, Philipp Kaiser, has ventured a fresh look at the collection of the Museum Ludwig. This large new presentation is a stock check, self-examination, and a look to the future at the same time. Some works have been taken out of storage, others have disap-peared, and others still are now at home in new surroundings. Recent acquisitions on show for the first time point to the future.
The permanently provisional exhibition title “Not Yet Titled” alludes to a central aspect of this presentation: the museum is a place where art history is always studied, appraised, and de-scribed anew from the present standpoint.
These dynamics allow us to experience “Not Yet Titled”. Awaiting the visitor are, for instance, a large installation by conceptual artist Barbara Kruger, which has not been on display since its purchase in 1995, a monumental projection by Michael Heizer on the lower level, and also recent purchases from Monika Baer, Nairy Bagramian, Hans Haacke, Kai Althoff, Mark Boulos, and Elad Lassry.

At the same time, the Museum Ludwig has granted conceptual artist Louise Lawler total access to its building for her first large survey exhibition in Germany: an overview of her major works is complemented by new pieces in which Lawler reflects on the Museum Ludwig’s outstanding collection.

Both on show through January 26, 2014.

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