Find out the secret of leisure. Follow my dog Mira into one of heavens farthest garden in Brandenburg.
Inspired by a poem by Heinrich Heine i created this film.

Finest stillness and motion pictures. Handmade by filmjunge
Secured with Canon 7D and GoPro Hero3 . Mastered in 1080p.


Autumn Wind

The fall wind rattles the forest,
the night is so wet it will freeze;
wrapped in my somber top-coat
I'm riding forth through the trees.

And as I am riding, are riding
my thoughts well ahead of me;
they carry me, lightly and sprightly,
to the house where my love shall be.

The servants rush forth with their candles,
and barking are all the curs;
I storm up the winding staircase,
up, up, with my tinkling spurs.

How brightly lit is her chamber,
sweet scented, with rugs to rest;
and there is my true love waiting:
I'm flying onto her breast.

Now rustles the wind in the foliage,
now speaks the oak tree grim:
What do you, foolish rider,
want with your foolish dream?

Heinrich Heine

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