3D film "Irons In The Fire" is an inspirational documentary telling the story of 5 young Londoners who have overcoming real world adversity by learning a skill that is transforming their lives. It features 5 very different organisations who use dance, acting, sport, cooking and music to open the door of opportunity to 'at-risk' youth. The voice over is provided by the film's ambassador Idris Elba. The film features the luminous poetry George the Poet.


"The film resonated with me because I recognised things that I went through. It’s important these stories get out there.” Idris Elba, Narrator, Irons in the Fire

'All too often we receive an unwelcome barrage of negative press about young people. It’s therefore refreshing and inspiring to watch this film, and be reminded that up and down the country there are young people who are triumphing above adversity, and grabbing opportunities for self-expression, personal growth, and real achievement. And what a powerful reminder too, of the power of arts and culture – a great film!' Althea Efunshile, Deputy Chief Executive, Arts Council England

Featured Organisations:

Bigga Fish, Fifteen, Greenhouse, Impact Dance, Only Connect


Produced: Joe Dives
Directed: Yoav Segal
Narrator and Associate Producer: Idris Elba
Poetry: George the Poet

Heads of Department:

Documentary Director of Photography: Luke Palmer
Hi Speed Director of Photography: Catherine Derry
Stereographer: James Burgess
Sound Designer: Tim O'Donoghue

Documentary Crew:

Production Manager: Zaira Brilhante
Production Assistant: Charles Davis
Runners : Ben Miller, Ibrahim Mawanda, Maria Pereira
Focus Puller: Moncho Aldamiz
Camera Assistant: Carlotta Merzari
3D Camera Assistants: Jackson Wardle, John Perry
DIT: Matthew Olarewaju
Grips: Charlie Holling, Jack Glascodine
Best Boy: Junior Agyeman
Gaffers: Antti Jahunsen, Chris Tsim

Studio Crew:

1st Assistant Director: Emma Milstead
Art Director: Graham Cole
Art Department Assistants: Daisy Popham, Marine Giraud
SFX Supervisor: Bob Smoke
Sound Recordists: Jules Dawton, Matt Price, Farid El Jazouli, Arild Iversen


Editors: Jamie Shemeld, Damon Tai, Leo King, Phil Currie
Assistant Editor: Izzy Curry
Colorist and 3D Editor: Mike Davis
Post Production Coordinators: Bonnie Gilmore, Angela Hart, Helen Gray
Title Designer: Elie Esakoff

Thanks to our generous sponsors:

3D personnel, equipment and post production provided: Can Communicate
Lighting gear provided: Panalux
Grip kit provided: MovieTech
Additional 3D equipment provided: Onsight
Sound equipment provided: Richmond Film Services
Additional sound equipment provided: Bettersound
Lenses provided: FAVA Rental
Studio Provided: East End Studios
Editing Services provided: Stitch Editing, The Farm Group
Recorded: Angell Sound

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