With an over-reliance on VFX in recent years, this was a test to try to make something for cheap with all practical effects in camera, building/designing/lighting all the sets and props ourselves. Taking cues from books like Neuromancer and early Ridley Scott films, Eduardo and I set out to explore what was possible on a limited budget (under $5k). While flawed, i hope you guys find it somewhat interesting. You can see more stills, BTS and concept art on my site: artofben.com/Tesseract-1

Created by: Ben Mauro and Eduardo Pena
Music by: Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

Tesseract is the story of a man on the run from his past, in a world where no one forgets.

2152, technology has merged with mankind at an exponential rate changing the way we see and interact with
the world. The more integrated the technology the more it is used as a form of control which governments,
corporations and crime syndicates take advantage of to its fullest.

Hiding out in future Malaysia as a farmer, Zao thought he was finally free, living a long life in this old mans body,
the perfect disguise…… until the black car came into the rice field and his old life caught up with him once again.
He had been preparing for this moment for decades just in case, he made it back to his shack and had just
enough juice to transfer his consciousness into his black market printed body he payed for before he left Hong
Kong all those years ago.

The new body worked out ok….but the same cant be said for the others in the room, the deformed geometric
bodies all around, the printer must have broke years ago….close call. Now he is on the run, hunted for the
information in his mind, as he comes to terms with all the things he has done.

The super wealthy can afford to buy replacement artificial bodies once they outlive their organic ones. Their
consciousness is stored in a piece of tech implanted in their heads, they have multiple copies of themselves
stored up in case there are any accidents, they can essentially live forever. The poor cannot afford such luxury,
but there are alternative and risky methods like the black market 3D printer dens around the city where you can
(for a hefty fee) buy a replacement body in a pinch, but its luck of the draw if you get what you payed for, they
are very unreliable.

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