Es geht um Alec der im freien Fall über sein Leben nachdenkt. Dabei passieren seltsame Dinge. Er befindet sich auf einmal an Orten und bei Situationen die er schon einmal erlebt hat. Aber er kann nicht eingreifen. Am Ende verschmelzen Realität und Fantasie.

Alec thinks of his life as he's falling. Strange things happen. He sees places where he has been before, situations he already experienced. Reality and Fantasy begin to merge...

Alec - David Riedel (Meowan)
Evelyn - Rieke Werner
Computervoice - Nhu-Quynh Do
Trevor -- Andi Krösing (WillyWonka)
Nick -- Tobias Diakow (ToDi)

Script Translation by Marc Helmker (DestructionLord)
Music by Scott Buckley ( )
Additional Music by SithlordDK
Written by David Riedel
Directed by SithlordDK

Sets/Mods are from:

Thanks to all Modders in the World ;)

-Nonprofit, Just for Entertainment Video. All Rights belong to their owners-

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