Tonight, a lonely writer, a mother and a dreamer will try to escape sadness by partying, romancing and having sex with strangers.

Contribute to the ANNE DARLING Kickstarter Campaign! You'll be rewarded with a copy of the ANNE DARLING film, hand-drawn storyboards by Norman Yeung, the script, posters, artful T-shirts, a personal video to YOU from Allison Scagliotti, a gift from Cara Gee, dinner with Janet Lo and the cast, custom art work by Norman, private screenings, and a party with our gang! Check out our Kickstarter for our wide variety of rewards for YOU.

To see who's acting in and making ANNE DARLING, scroll down. The distinguished list will grow. You'll also find a synopsis.

Join us. Contribute. Be rewarded. You have nothing to lose but sadness.


Our team so far...

NORMAN YEUNG ("Resident Evil: Afterlife", "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil")
ALLISON SCAGLIOTTI ("Warehouse 13", "Losers Take All", "Chastity Bites")
JANET LO ("Cracked", "The Listener")
CARA GEE ("Empire of Dirt", TIFF Rising Star 2013)
MISTY FOX ("It Girl", "Deal Or No Deal -- Australia")
OMAR ALEX KHAN ("Less Than Kind", "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil", "Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II")

Writer & Director: NORMAN YEUNG
Cinematographer: CATHERINE LUTES ("Molly Maxwell", "Algonquin", "The Armoire", Leo Award for Best Cinematography for the short film "Paul Pontius")
Editor: GARETH C. SCALES (DGC and Gemini Awards Winner, BAFTA and Genie Awards Nominee)

AARON KOPFF ("Intergalactic Space Adventures Of Cleo And Anouk" - Official Selection TIFF Kids, "Up In Cottage Country" - Official Selection TIFF, "Sesame Street")
ALEXANDER BRODZKI ("Robert's Circle", "August", MFA in Producing at American Film Institute - AFI)
AGI GUTKOWSKA ("Stutter", "Kaha:wi Cycle of Life", "Sesame Street")

Associate Producer: Jamey Sinanan
Production Assistant at Electric Train Productions: Jasmin Mozaffari


Daniel hopes to break out of his depression by having sex. So he calls a chat line and meets Marnie. Their encounter becomes more intimate than they expected -- she reminds him of his mother, he reminds her of her son. Both are haunted by family troubles. Later, Daniel's friend Charlie sets him up with Maggie, a young writer who wants to run away from her ill mother. They offer each other a way out, but first they have to break their family bonds. Will Daniel break his new bond with Marnie?

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