See the 'KJV' version for fuller explanation. This is an inferior version without voiceover, just showing the text with vimeo's Enhancer music; you can strip the audio and make your own version. If you want, I can upload my original SILENT file to my domain for your free anonymous download; just ask. For this is vital Bible doctrine. Can't understand the Cross, without knowing these verses. Christianity has mistaught the Cross for centuries, because they don't know these verses in Hebrew. No wonder Christians (and Jews, for that matter), lose faith!

For Christ died TWICE: first, a substitutionary spiritual death while still physically alive, during which He paid for sins -- per Isaiah 53:9, 2Cor5:21, 1Pet3:18, 1Pet2:24, other verses. See for a fuller listing. His physical death came afterwards, due to his Victory, which He announced at the time, John 19:30, Luke 23:46.

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So this video focuses on how Isaiah 53:9's PLURAL deaths, 'answers' the PLURAL lives God breathed into Adam in Gen 2:7, and the PLURAL deaths Adam would die per Genesis 2:17. All of these verses are mistranslated in every Bible translation. Again, Grail.htm has a full explanation. See also Episodes 6 and 7 of the Genesis videos at for a complete demonstration of the muth tamoth and hayyim verses.

My pastor harped on the mistranslations for over 50 years, and is famous (supposedly) for teaching this plurality.

You can order the lessons yourself, from -- audio only, on MP3. They never ask you for money or sell your name.

Now, in the current video showing the Hebrew comparison of Isa53:9 to Gen 2:7, and 2:17, watch the blue highlighting and lower halves of each verse's screen. The lower half is the lexicon (here, TWOT, one of the most famous of the Hebrew lexicons, downloadable for free on the internet). So thus you see it's PLURAL lives, and PLURAL deaths, so Christ died spiritually to pay for sins, not physically. The physical death was afterwards, as as reward, as Verse 53:9's "grave" depicts.

Verse 10 then goes on to say why: Contract for Our Salvation. Blanket, permanent, all paid for 2000 years ago. So you couldn't undo that moment you believed in Christ, nor undo His Payment, even if you wanted to. For, you cannot turn back TIME.

So if you don't understand how Christ paid, you have no clue about what being "saved" even means, and you will always doubt your PERMANENT salvation. No need to doubt, the Hebrew here is CONCLUSIVE.

File Name: Isa539Gen27Gen217.avi, 1/18/09, in Isaiah 53 video folder.

Music: Chopin, Etude Op. 10, No. 9 by Leo Sirota (

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