P108 Parash 4 Vayers (He appeared) B’resheet/Genesis 18:1-22:24

In this parash we give a short overview of the “Three Men” that come to Avraham in chapter 18 and who they realy are. After that brief discussion we will focus on chapter 19. How the things in the past are a forshaddow of the future. In chapter 19 of the book of Genesis we look at the topic of homosexuality. We will take a look at this chapter and other readings that speak about the city of S’dom and what it means for those today who have eyes to see.

Synopsis – God reveals Himself to Avraham/Abraham three days after the first Jew's circumcision at age 99; but Avraham rushes off to prepare a meal for three guests who appear in the desert heat (Do you know of any other 3 people who act as one?). One of the three announces that, in exactly one year, the barren Sarah will give birth to a son. Sarah laughs.

Avraham pleads with God to spare the wicked homosexual city of S’dom. Two of the three men arrive in the doomed city, where Avraham's nephew, Lot, extends his hospitality to them and protects them from the evil intentions of a Sodomite mob. The two guests reveal that they have come to overturn the place, and to save Lot and his family. Lot's wife turns into a pillar of salt when she disobeys the command not to look back at the burning city as they flee.

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