Yamantaka // Sonic Titan's sound is both raw and beautiful. When we got to work concepting this piece we were inspired to tap into the experimental and theatrical aspects of Yamantaka and the apparent collision of cultural and artistic references. We also wanted to create something that resonated against what the music made us feel. The piece depicts an otherworldly act of creation—a kind of highly art-directed alchemist meets designer at work in her laboratory workshop. The activation and fuelling of a mysterious sculptural entity with a heart-like cystal and liquid gold core is the culmination of the creative ritual.

Client: Rdio
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
Producer: Patrick Gantert

Director: Tendril
Creative Directors: Chris Bahry, Vini Nascimento
Executive Producer: Kate Bate
Producer: Anne Deslauriers
Sculpture and Modeling: Vini Nascimento
Rendering and Compositing: Brad Husband, Chris Bahry
Editor: Mark Hajek of Relish Editing
Production Coordinator: Leah Wesolowski

Director of Photography: Maya Bankovic
Talent: Sury Kim
Wardrobe Design and Overall Styling: Jessica Mary Clayton
Makeup: Lucky Bromhead
Hair: Dat Tran
Nails: Rita Remark
Nail Embelishment: Jessica Mary Clayton, Lucky Bromhead

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