Shocking Proof in sabbatical-year clothing of the original countdown to the Millennium, had there been no Church. You can't understand the Legal Precedence for the pre-Tribulation Rapture until you know the original schedule under which Israel operated. That schedule was written out in metrical format by Moses to act as a mnemonic, so that Israel could number her days (Psalm 90:12). Every time she sang the Psalm, she was to locate where she was then currently in time, so could number her days to what we call the 2nd Advent.

It was scheduled for 94AD. Moses proves this by using a sabbatical-year accounting system which begins with Adam's Fall. Sadly, the Jews have forgotten this system, and Christendom never learned it. IF you learn it, you'll know the pre-Israel legal precedence for the sabbatical years and God's Judgement in Jeremiah 25:12, 29:10-11, and Dan 9:2. For the sabbatical years represent God's construct for Time: 490+70+490 = 1000+50, hence Millennium is DEPENDENT on those 70 years all being VOTED.

Actual Bible history shows that during each 70-year period, someone voted: first believers, then Noah, then Abraham, then Moses, David and then Israel. The five videos in this subseries thus compare the repeated 70-syllable meter in Psalm 90, to Bible's historical account from Adam; thus you can see the impact of voting. Minor meter and historical observation corrections were made, in the 10e GGS videos, starting here:

The voting principles are summarized in #9 of . The worksheet you see in the video can be downloaded from and has a link to the foregoing 'TenWays' doc . The principles of God's Accounting for Time are panoramically explained with many Bible citations, in . Actual verses and how you count the years in them, is shown in . For in the ancient world, all accounting was in years from. SOLAR years, because the years were regnal years or birthdays.

Psalm 90 in Hebrew, Meter (shown in video)
Download fonts so can read the Hebrew:
Isaiah 53 in Hebrew, Meter:

Voting. For God. Else Time Ends. Same Legal Precedence as for the Church's Rapture, Hebrews 11:39-40, 1Peter 3:12, Eph3:15-19, 4:13, Romans 11:25, Eph 1:10. For the Bride gets something old (voting precedence), something new (covenant kata Melchizedek), something borrowed (Time Rules pre-Israel), and something Royal Blue (Christ's Own Spiritual Life). Church is NOT Israel. For Israel's own time, had run out -- just as Psalm 90 and later Isaiah 53 Daniel 9, long predicted.

Hence TWO Tribulational sevens, the first playing 64-70AD, and the second yet reserved to play post-Church: Daniel's 70th week. All reserved since eternity past, just as Moses reserves the 14 extra syllables in the 'Decree' section of Psalm 90:1-4.

File Note: Videos were originally posted 5/29/2009. This video is a 10/29/13 remix (added 14-16 Acctgs' together, no edits), 14-16Ps90.avi, in Psalm 90 folder.

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