Symmetrain is a beautiful puzzle game intended for the whole family.

Choose a train and spot the differences in the passing landscape. The landscape left and right of the train tracks is mirrored. Almost. Find as many hidden differences as possible and restore the symmetry. Tap the correct object and reveal the missing counterpart! Use the emergency break when it gets too tricky.

Master faster and more difficult trains and unlock many new enchanting landscapes.


Symmetrain is based on an amalgam of experiences: Coming up with silly ideas while traveling; wishing that the journey will never end; and having a few simple instruments to orchestrate the soundtrack. A game that leaves room for imagination but also offers a means for friendly competition.

I used to travel a lot with my family and whenever we travelled by bus, train or plane there was nothing more interesting than looking out of the window and seeing the outside world pass by. All kinds of things, buildings, trees and landscapes were dragged a long in front of my eyes like on giant endless tapestry. Depending on the mode of transportation I could catch a glimpse of the local daily life or everything simply whizzed by in a blur. To pass the time my brother and me started making up small games: Simple ones like "I see a thing that you don't" and the added time pressure before the object had vanished made the game more thrilling.

Later, I preferred traveling just with my brother. I was older and realized that part of the fun of traveling was the actual journey. I remember sitting in a high speed bullet train that didn't go anywhere because of an accident or passing the glittering lights of Paris at night. During this time we made a lot of music together and we still had our own games.

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