Students will have multiple opportunities to plan and refine their personal brand during the time they take a business communication course using a Bovee and Text text.. For example,

Chapter 8 offers tips on business applications of social media, which are key to personal branding, and our employment communication chapters guide students through the process of creating a résumé, building a network, and presenting themselves in interviews. Now, to give you an overview, here is what we teach students about a successful personal branding strategy:

● Figure out the "story of you." Simply put, where have you been in life, and where are you going?

● Clarify your professional theme. Volvos, BMWs, and Cadillacs can all get you from Point A to Point B in safety, comfort, and style—but each brand emphasizes some attributes more than others to create a specific image in the minds of potential buyers.

● Reach out and connect. Major corporations spread the word about their brands with multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns. You can promote your brand for free or close to it.

● Deliver on your brand's promise—every time, all the time. When you promote a brand, you make a promise—a promise that whoever buys that brand will get the benefits you are promoting.

Bovee and Thill textbooks teach students about personal branding -- in an intensive prologue in the front of each of our texts, as well as in the two employment chapters.

We urge you to give your students the competitive edge by teaching them about personal branding using the exclusive coverage found only in Bovee and Thill textbooks.

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