Felix Hofschulte, Martin Kutz, Michael Kutz, 2013

At our trip to Ohio State University in Columbus, we asked some OSU dancing students to test our system called "iIgMV (interactive Interface for generative Music and Visualizations)".
Afterwards, we interviewed all of them about their experience. With the footage, we decided to create a video documentary.
This is a trailer for it. Enjoy!

The iIgMV is a modular system for generating music and visualizations through movements and gestures in real-time. It composes in equal measure the generation of visual designs, tones in a musical context and interaction with musicians by movements. The system consists of 3 components: generative creation of visualization, sound, as well as algorithmic musical composition. The real time interface between those components is provided here by the movement and gesture detection of Microsoft´s Kinect. Because of iIgMV´s scalability, its possible application encompasses small installations for laymen to professional, conceived and complex live performances.

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