Coursework for Building Virtual Worlds, Round 5
Entertainment Technology Center
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Team 11
Producer: 梁立衡 Liang, Li-Heng
Programmer: 陈喆 Chen, Zhe
Modeler: 梁立衡 Liang, Li-Heng
Texture Artist: 刘小溪 Liu, Xiaoxi
Sound Design: 黃偉峰 Huang, Wei-Feng

Platform: Panda3D/HMD
Once upon a time, there were four races living in the Kingdom of Nowhere: Progi, Modo, Texa and Sounde. The lord of the kingdom, known as the Boss, had a playground called the Virtual World. The boss indulged himself in his playground. Every year he drafted all the youths from the four races and forces them to build new assets. One day, a group of youths are given only one week to build a new Virtual World. However, it is impossible. But what possible is to BREAK one. Out of despair and anger, they spent their week building up the Breaker, and sent it into the Virtual World. On that day, the revolution began...

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