I recently spent a day in the office of Pastor Chuck Smith,
Father of the Jesus Movement. I was asked to produce tribute segments,
so I gained access to his office and shot various sentimental personal effects,
such as family photos, his study bible, the songs of Calvary book where he would each
Sunday select a hymn from that book before he left his office and then lead the congregation
in a song before his message, he kept a jar of candy or toffee on his desk for his grandkids,
he had an ever growing mound of paper clips on his desk that built in quantity as quickly
as they would disappear, and a simple name placard, carved in wood that rested on the
edge of his desk for over 35 years......"Pastor Chuck".
It was humbling to think of the history and what transpired in that office,
the prayers, the tears, the laughter, the Love. It was a beautiful tribute, one I will always
be honored to have been a part of.

Chuck Smith Quote from the tribute piece:
"You have only one life, it will soon be past, and only what's done for Christ will Last"

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