Personal VFX work from the past 6 months. All aspects completed by myself.

BT Tower (9 weeks)
- Maya fluids, nCloth, choreographed fracturing in Houdini, RBD. Modelled in Maya, textured in Photoshop.

Train (7 weeks)
- Modelled, rigged & animated in Maya, textured with Mudbox and Photoshop

Piano (6 weeks)
- Modelled and rigged in Maya (with substantial use of Mel), textured in Photoshop

Eye / Cellular Mitosis RnD (2 weeks)
- Python script implemented in Realflow to divide particle clouds into cells as seen in mitosis. The script determines the bounding box and centroid of the 3D particle cloud then splits the particles along alternate axes and divides them into separate particle clouds. This could technically work for any mesh filled with particles.

Compositing in Nuke and After Effects, (editing in FCP). All cinematography by myself.

Disclosure feat. London Grammar - 'Help Me Lose My Mind'

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