Pressure Drop Pictures collaborated with Mooschool to produce 4 x 30” TV channel branding idents for Sony Turbo Russia. The set of idents needed to capture the essence of Sony Turbo; young, aspirational, edgy and male. The channel’s tagline is ‘Entertainment with Attitude’.

Four narratives were developed to showcase the channel’s primetime mix of sex, action and crime, echoing the womanising of ‘Californication’ or the drama of a bank heist in ‘Leverage’.

Each narrative is a frozen moment in time, a moment of high energy brought to a standstill for the viewer to explore from different angles. At the end of every sequence there’s a twist, the camera revealing a hidden dimension in the story. The idents were deliberately made slightly ambiguous to give them greater longevity over repeated viewings and generate online discussion.

Broadcasting in Russia, it was vital that the environments appeared authentic. The sets, casting, wardrobe and styling all needed to be believable to the Russian market so a lot of consideration went into small details such as cushion covers and lampshades!

This was a technically challenging project which required animated 3D to be composited with stills photography to create a kind of faux timeslice.

Shooting each actor separately, a synchronised multi-camera set-up was positioned to capture all the angles in one take. Selected shots were then rotoscoped and composited into the 3D scenes. The completed shots were then edited to create and build the energy and drama in each frozen moment in time.

Director/Editor: Tim Lacey at Pressure Drop
Motion Graphics Design & Animation: Nick Maroussas at Mooschool
Photographer: Daniel Swallow
Music: Pathogen Music and T&J

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