Our teamriders Fabian Lang, Thomas Weber, Glenn Michelfelder and Norbert Szombati been in this game for a long time and put together a decent videopart to celebrate their recently released promodel boards. To complete this video Alex Mizurov, Erik Groß, Daniel Spiegel, Kai Schweizer, Samak Kitvarametha, Christoph Radtke, Michael "Fitschi" Tan and Ben Dillinger share a part to show some love for their teammates.
Promodel Boards available at your local EMillion Dealer.

GoSkate / LoveLife 2013


Filmed by: Samak Kitvarametha, Felix Hempel, Eck Ampon Munman, Felix Löchler, Ben Dillinger, Max Pack, Julius Krappe, Adrian Kuchenreuther, Peter Ross, Max Pack and Janchai Montreladrasme

Edit by:
Mixpart/Fabian and Thomas: Samak Kitvarametha
Glenn Michelfelder: Eck Ampon Munman
Norbert Szombati: Max Pack

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