An investigation mired in trepidation. An individual in over his head. An enigma of nature casting a shadow of anxiety and dread.

This short film was Directed, Written, Edited, and Sound Mixed by Lucas Goins. (also the film's protagonist)
I served as Director of Photography, VFX, and Camera Operator.

This was a short film prepared as an entry to the ABC's of Death contest for their 26th director spot in their 2nd release.

Special thanks to: Evelyn and Rick Goins, Regine and Dale Freund, and the fine people at the Lake Geneva and Woodstock libraries for letting us film in their establishments, as well as the McHenry County Conservation District for its preservation of Glacial Park, both foreboding and beautiful at once.

Also, shout out to Musopen for their awesome initiative to provide royalty free renditions of classical music. (as heard in the film). Support them, because goodness knows student and indie directors have difficulties with finding great music for their films without having to invest their life savings in it.

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