This is the clearer original of the Youtube video uploaded 6/12/2011. Original Video description follows below. The doc/pdf was revised after this video was made; you can download it, below.
Watch in HD, fullscreen. Brainstorming vid, with only some answers. If you have better info, I'd appreciate hearing what you've learned. For a quick sense of its huge import for Church, see . Harold Camping made his phony Rapture prediction using Genesis 7:11; he used the wrong calendar, wrong text, and of course wrong hermeneutic (FATHER'S DISCRETION controls Rapture date, per John 17:17-23, so no one on earth is ALLOWED to know). So it becomes important to review Flood significance for us. It has a different importance, versus what Camping claimed.

Word doc in the video: (updated 6/14/2011). If you prefer pdf, change 'doc' to 'pdf'.

Video ends with a link to a book you can buy on this same subject, here: .

Genesis Midrash Rabbah, 'Noach ' (with space) section: . Goofy stuff.

Date benchmarks have more meaning than I cover in the video. Example: the '57' fronts and ends TIME, just as it does for Noah's birthday relative to his entry and exit from the Ark. Example: Christ was scheduled to die 57 years prior to the then-scheduled Millennium, which was supposed to start Year 4200 from Adam's fall, aka 'our' 94AD.

When that schedule didn't occur due to Church Age intervening, both Christians and Jews became disheartened and chucked the idea of a Millennium (well, the Jews postponed it to the end of the newly-invented 'common era'). So Revelation was written to explain the new Trib timeline (post- unpredictable Rapture). The so-called Church Fathers were a-millennial (i.e., Augustine allegorized away, Revelation's meaning). Big mistake.

The '40' is always paired, to front and end an epoch: 40 years in the wilderness, 40 years the Temple remains standing after Church begins. 40 years x 2, for Joseph; 40 x 2, for Saul+David (see Acts 13), 40x2 David and Solomon, 40 years for the prophets (usually back-to-back, with Moses and Samuel fronting and backing -- again see Acts 13). Christ's life=reign was supposed to run 40 years. Due to Jewish rejection He dies 7 years early, and so Trib is still FUTURE. (TWO sevens, the first played 64-70AD, and the last one is Dan9:27, yet future.)

Since God MIRRORS time, the mirrored segments in the FloodChrono document above, are highlighted in yellow. Palindromic mirroring is a prominent feature of Hebrew meter: Psalm 90, Isaiah 53 and Eph1:3-14 all stress it. (Daniel 9's palindrome is a pair of poignant 58's.) See (updated 6/14/2011) for details. These passages are covered at length in my 10 GGS and Psalm 90 playlists. Playlists are unfinished, ongoing.

Quick summary of Meter Style: . Or, view it as a blog entry at

Oh: the Trinity sevens with dove are the likely precedent for Jacob's time in Haran (he goes there in the 490th year after Flood, age 40). So Jacob's years 'outside the Land', tie.

That leaves the 4 in abeyance; I'm sure it points to 10 Nisan-14 Nisan (Exo12). Also, it's a convenient way to recall leap year, practiced at least since Christ's day. (Julius Caesar put Roman world on a leap year calendar, in 45BC or so.)

Really, it's 3.5, often used in Bible; I'm not sure how to classify it. Bifurcated Trib, days the Lord is in Hades, maybe the last half of the civil war period in 2Sam5 (first half, both sides mutually warred against the Philistines). Maybe Absalom's revolution, or other things.

Noah received his first covenant in 1556 from Adam's Fall, signified by Shem's birth. That's 16 years into the voting window for his epoch, so 53.5 years REMAINED in that window. Abraham supermatures in year 2046 from Adam, which is also 53.5 years PRIOR TO the end of his epoch (year 2100). Coincidence? Hardly. Note the Time segments keep replaying: . Put your mouse on cell A2 and read the note there (unfreeze titles, if needed). Use Views Custom Views to navigate sheet.

Master webpage with all links and vids: .

Lemme know what you think. :)

Acknowledgements: thanks to God using TheEdge012's 'Revival' video, plus the Harold Camping fiasco and , I was caused to learn this!

File Name: NoahFloodPrecedence.avi, 6/12/11, in GGS video folder.

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