Alex Polli has taught us that when life gives you the chance to "Charge the Castle" you hop on and GO FOR IT!

Watch Channing, Paul and Jay as they take on "Florence," the castle on wheels, to make the BASE jump of a lifetime. In the words of Channing: "This is some crazy shit." #chargethecastle

This is the first of a handful of edits, coming from my adventures over the 2013 Summer. If you like what you see please like, comment and subscribe because there's more insanity to come! Thank you everyone who contributed to this as well as the many other adventures this Summer. Cheers!!

A huge thank you for all the support to: Phoenix-Fly and Nada Worry #lovewhatyoudo

Muse. (2006). Knights of Cydonia [Produced by Rich Costey]. Black Holes and Revelations [LP]. Warner Bros., Helium-3. (2006)

Gypsy Time Travelers

Filmed entirely using GoPro cameras: GoPro Hero3 Black, GoPro Hero 2, GoPro Hero HD

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