A prospectus film produced for Varndean School varndean.co.uk in Brighton. The film incorporates the re-branding designed and implemented by Sphere Design Associates. Teachers and pupils speak about their school, it's aims and objectives, its sense of community and the supportive environment in which their education is taking place.

It is a seven minute production aimed at parents who are considering secondary education for their children. A vital decision for any parent and child, and crucial for the school to convey its messages in a coherent manner. The film has already generated over 2,000 hits via their website and the school's YouTube account.

A co-production with Sphere Design Associates sphereuk.com and transitionfilm.com


"I thought it was good in many ways. It conveyed a reassuring sense of calm and caring. It told the story in a convincing way, without shouty exaggeration or pushiness I have come across in promotions by schools that promise to get your children into Russell Group Universities or whatever. The music was low key, which I like. I enjoyed the scene where the head girl could only name three of the four schools and the head boy helped her out with the last one. It made the whole thing seem real and honest. My favourite shot was the deep one, where people were sitting on the floor playing oriental musical instruments. The colours were appealing there as well (reds and gold). There were a couple shots that used the architectural backdrop in an appealing way, like the man telling his story from the bench outdoors, or the woman speaking from the edge of the auditorium balcony. Those small details got me interested somehow. I hope the client liked the film as much as I did." JW

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