Gender Tender at the 2013 Seattle Fringe Festival in HEELS and FLATS
at the Richard Hugo House

Led by the often absurd Will Courtney and Syniva Whitney, this ensemble of 17 Plaid Shirts and Pencil
Skirts dances through a shifting latex landscape. Wallow in the highs and lows of building identity on
shaky ground.

Dancers: Mimi Allin, EmpeROAR Fabulous!!!, Tikiri Shapiro, Hendri Walujo, Syniva Whitney, Christine Abdale, Ava Cole, Will Courtney, Loren Othón, Lauren Brazell, Sara Ann Davidson, Dahlia Blackthorn, Kathryn Hightower, Kristi Krein, Eli Steffen, Lydia Swartz

music: Golden Space

dramaturg: Vanessa DeWolf
artist assistants: Vida Alapour, Caleb Blackwell and Will Courtney

concept, direction: Syniva Whitney
choreography: Syniva and the cast
visual design and sculptural elements: Syniva Whitney

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