A dream has come true: after five years of shooting in Sardegna and Switzerland and a long post-production process it's done ... my first big movie is ready: 'Magical Moments', a 73 min non-verbal emotional journey dedicated to our beautiful nature. No comments but an inspiring soundtrack ... also influenced by the wonderful expression from Ron Fricke ('Baraka', 'Samsara'): '...a guided meditation'.
Here you see the trailer in H.264 180p25 mp4 quality ... the original movie is in Quicktime ProRes 4444/1:2.39 widescreen format. Most scenes have been shot with my Arri Alexa, and some with a F3 and a PDW-700 from Sony exclusively using Arri Alura, Fujinon, Zeiss and Nikkor lenses.
Many thanks from my heart to Annette, Erich v. Siebenthal, Jakob Berweger, Jose Garcia, Hans-Ruedi-Müller (helicopter pilot), and Giosue Serreli (wildlife shooting in Valledoria, Sardegna: focedelcoghinas.com).
Hope you enjoy!
Please visit my website for more information: moon-mood.com (sorry, only in German right now, I am working on the English version...)

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