To celebrate the use of colour in film the festival founders and creators invite you to join the Masters of Colour international film festival. This festival is dedicated to inspiring the knowledge of the power of colour in film. Not only can colour in film develop meaning; it can also heighten tension and emotion. It has the power to develop the personalities and intentions of the characters. It can turn the audience’s attention towards a certain aspect of the film that would otherwise go unnoticed. Colour is dynamic and powerful across a number of levels.

Masters of Colours comprises of three days, each dedicated to a singular colour. Focus is placed upon the primary colours, as they exist as the foundation for all other colour development and experimentation. Each day aims to provoke thought and emotion from the audience that is inextricably linked to the colour of the day.

Additional to this, we wanted to present to our audience a range of events, workshops and musical numbers to further enhance and inspire the audiences’ experience of Masters of Colours.

Raise the Red Lantern, Zhang Yimou 1991
Bleu, Kryzystof Kiewslowski, 1993
Micmacs, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2009

Cirrus - Bonobo (The North Borders, 2013)

Created by William Kelly & Annie Tsai

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