Original of Youtube video uploaded 01/06/11 (incl. vid desc.), ties to the GGS Epi 10-11 series on Youtube (master list is here: brainout.net/Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf ).

Cont. from 22Ps90. Revolutionary stuff. Use to spot other Bible passages using the same meter. For Jews had to memorize Scripture orally; hence meter patterns are important, and convey doctrines. They also serve to index a passage in memory. That's one reason the NT quotes of OT are so quick. Just a few keywords of the passage are needed. In special passages like Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, Eph 1:3-14, the meter is also used to show the DOCTRINAL interrelationship.

So this video displays the precedenting pattern, so you can see what Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, and Eph1:3-14 address in Psalm 90, the Play of Time. It's probable that the Psalm 90 patterns call attention to pre-Israel precedents, but I've not yet analyzed what they are. Palindromic meter math follows below. I probably missed some combinations, so let me know if you find more.

Download the video picture here, either as brainout.net/Psalm90Palindromes.tif (small file) or brainout.net/Psalm90Palindromes.pdf (1MB file).

21's -- Ps 90:4,7,8,16. Represents TEMPLE DOWN time, and time Jacob spent outside the Land.
28's -- Ps 90:11-13, palindrome. Represents RETURN time, or TURNING AWAY time, and is 1/2 of 56.
35's -- Ps90:10,17. Represents VOTING Time, 1/2 of 70.
42's -- Ps 90:11-13, 14-15, and any two 21's, above. Also, 1/2 of Ps90:1-4. Represents DECREE to FULFILL time, 1/2 of 84. Matt1 uses this structure.
49's -- Ps90:5-7, 10-11. Represents REST time, missed sabbatical years. Cause for the Trib, since the 7 years due on the 49 missed are also sabbatical years, and cannot be made up without going past David's time grants (the last of which ends 1000 years after his death, aka 37AD). Paul stresses these in Eph1:3-14 meter pattern, as 21+28 and 14 combos.

56's -- Ps90:7-9, 9-10, 13-15, 16-17. Represents sum of the missed sabbatical years plus the seven due on them. Notice the piggybacking, a distinct feature of the Mosaic Law (i.e., new day begins at sundown of prior day).
63's -- Ps90:14-16, +any 3 of the 21's, above. Time during the special 586-516BC voting period, minus time spent rebuilding Temple.
70's -- Ps 90: 4-7 + 5-8 palindrome; 9-11, 12-15. VOTING time.
77's -- Ps90:8-10, +10-13, palindrome: cleverly aped in Isaiah 52:13-15 (playing off the import of 'Seth'). David's Age at death, 1Kings 6:1. Christ as 77th son, Luke 3 roster. Paul creates a palindrome from it, just like Isaiah does, and directly ties like Luke does, as well.
84's -- Ps90:1-4, 11-15; the two 42's above; all four 21's above. Paul ties directly to the 84. DECREE time to completion, for Israel.
91's -- Psalm 90:1-4 plus first clause in 90:5. Also Ps90:8-11. Paul repeats 91 four times, in Eph 1:3-14. Play on the 84, enfolding Church, showing how she is the Decreed Bridge back to Israel's time, a pre-Trib Rapture statement (one of many), this time using meter. For 91 is the number of SABBATICAL YEARS in a 560. See the math yourself on page 15 of brainout.net/TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc . Will blow you away!

By the way, this type of metrical pattern is also a feature of other ancient cultures' writing, but Bible's isn't mystical. Scholars dismiss Bible meter in order to dismiss the other cultures' mystical use of meter. This prejudice has hampered scholarship for over 300 years. See the end of brainout.net/BibleHebrewMeter.htm ; read the scholars linked for yourself, in their own words.

Relevant series links (same links as in GGS series):
Video worksheet reconciling Psalm 90 and Book of Judges: brainout.net/Judges.xls . If you need it in pdf, here it is: brainout.net/Judges.pdf

Daniel 9's prayer pdf (includes NIV translation): brainout.net/DAN9V4-19.pdf . brainout.net/DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.pdf shows you the whole chapter on one page, and has many notes.

PDFs of the full meter pattern in Eph1:3-14, Ps90, and Isa53: brainout.net/Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf .

Compare to these meter maps of Ps90 and Isa53:

brainout.net/Ps90Parsed.pdf . Trilingual version is brainout.net/Ps90ParsedTrilingual.pdf See also brainout.net/Psalm90Palindromes.tif or pdf .

brainout.net/Isa53Hypo4Dotted3.pdf ; metered English translation is brainout.net/Isa53MeterTransInEnglishWide.doc
Isaiah 53's meter map: brainout.net/Isa53Map.jpg .

Timeline worksheet: brainout.net/GeneYrs.xls .
Supporting Bible verses are listed in brainout.net/brainoutFAQ.htm#6a and brainout.net/Mirroring.htm .

File Name: 22aPS90.avi, 1/6/11 original, in Psalm90 folder.

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