*** Presented at State of the Map 2013, by Ilya Zverev ***
*** For more info including slides, where available, see lanyrd.com/2013/sotm/scphkd/
*** Full schedule also available at wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/State_Of_The_Map_2013

With recent news of shiny new tools for OpenStreetMap, like iD editor and OWL rewritten, it's easy to feel that the project has become more modern, responsive and user-oriented. It hasn't. Somehow we manage to solve only local problems, overlooking the greater picture. Until we lift a veil from our eyes and see the real problems, our project is doomed to appeal only to geeks and rejected wikipedians. In this presentation Ilya describes a handful of tools which should have been developed five years ago, but are at best only starting to take shape. Without them OSM has no place in the current historic age, no right to be called modern.

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