The performance All is Divine by Charlotte Engelkes premiered in Dansens Hus Stockholm October 24 2013.
Concept & Direction: Charlotte Engelkes
Ensemble: Charlotte Engelkes, Lindy Larsson, Ingrid Tobiasson, Celine Rosa Tan, Chan Sze Wei
Music: Willi Bopp, Richard Wagner
Text: Sophie Holgersson, Charlotte Engelkes
Costume: Anna Ardelius
Light & Stagedesign: Karl Svensson
Video: Brian Gothong Tan
Dramaturg: Katarina Aronsson

All Is Divine premiered 2013 in Dansens Hus Stockholm and is produced by Astarte Productions, Co-produced by Dansens Hus, Stockholm. With support from Music Development and Heritage Sweden, Swedish Arts Council, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, National Arts Council Singapore, City of Stockholm, Royal Swedish Opera, Goethe-Institut.
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Camera: Peggy Eklöf, Theresa Benér
Editing: Peggy Eklöf (29 media), Johan Hansson (Editi Dudes AB)

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