A promo for American Footballclub the Alphen Eagles.

We had been planning this shoot for quite a while. Because a lot of their members were involved it was hard to set a date. When we finally had set a date, that day later turned out to be the rainiest day in over 20 years. Even though we wore protective clothing we were completely soaked. The FS700 was wearing a rain cover but that was far from enough. So we made a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag, pulled it over the camera with just the front end of the lens sticking out and tied it down with a rubber band. Only now we had to stick our heads in the bag to see what we were doing. This method kept the camera dry for about 10 minutes. Then we had to rush back inside, wipe the camera dry and change the garbage bag.
Despite the harsh conditions we really think the final video turned out great. Even more so because of the huge amount of rain. With this being a web video only we opted for the lower bitrate, but higher fps setting for 400fps in the FS700. This made every falling raindrop visible in the footage. Which is pretty epic. :)

The portraits were shot on a 5D Mark III with Sigma 50mm 1.4. The 400fps footage is ofcourse the Sony FS700 with a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 L IS II. Since the front end of the 70-200mm stuck out quite a bit so we could operate the focus it was continuously exposed to the rain. Although it is weather sealed we weren't sure if it was going to survive. But it did. It turns out this beast of a lens is extremely well weather sealed.

We hope you enjoy this video! If you do, please like and/or comment. If you don't, let us know why! :)

Graded with Filmconvert
Music: Fall Out Boy - Light 'Em Up

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