The video starts with the streets in Arcola. Steve and I talked about the sound of cars rolling over the brick streets, so I focused on capturing the rhythm of the sound. There are shots of downtown that are followed by a trip south on Locust to Grandma McGregors. A quick look at Aunt Merle and Uncle Don's house. Then up to our old house on the north end of Locust - I must admit, it is in great shape.
I took the back roads up to Champaign - meaing 45. I have to explain the car honking it's horn as it passed under the bridge on 45 in Tolono - when we were kids Dad would do that for our amusement. I took pictures of our old house, the Barhams, the Parrish's, and the crosswalk where Steve was hit by a pickup truck and got a free ride to the hospital in an ambulance - lucky guy!
I made a pilgrimage to the old Logan farm where Mark Nacke was most gracious to allow me to take video and photos. Again, the sound of vehicles passing on 133 was a key memory from our trips there as kids.
Cornfields are of course everywhere, however these are adjacent to the Van Voorhis Cemetery where Gregor McGregor is buried. (1829-1881)
I included a couple of photos of Duan and Mary's lake house and fleet of boats.
Another fascination of mine was the old metal bridge over the Kaskaskia River on the way to the Bartholomew's farm. The old bridge is gone, so I found a similar bridge called the Airtight bridge south of Hindsboro. It was a great journey just to find the bridge far off the main roads and then to record the absolute silence while I was there.
There are pictures of the Bartholomew's farm and the Amish Bagdad School.
The final shots are "any intersection" on the backroads around Arcola. It was a very enjoyable trip. Brian

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