What is one thing you can do to advance your education and our democracy?
• Centering Thought and Order of Service bit.ly/HzfoxU
• The Idea of Democracy, Lincoln bit.ly/1aOJFBZ
• Power to the People
o John Lennon, youtube youtube.com/watch?v=Wos-dDxpJlQ
o Slogan, wiki en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_to_the_people_(slogan)
o Empowerment Through Electricity, 501c3 powertothepeople.org/
• Our Unitarian Universalist principles uua.org/beliefs/principles/
• The Seven Principles in Word and Worship (UUA, Skinner House) uuabookstore.org/productdetails.cfm?PC=674
• Building a New Way, Rev Parisa Parsa (sermon at 34m:32s) youtube.com/watch?v=-Bd8EaKyf-M
• Democracy and Social Justice in Unitarian Universalism uuhs.org/sources/DemocracyAndSocialJustice_Bumbaugh.pdf
• The Democratic Process (Rev Parks sermon) tpuuf.org/2008/08/03/the-democratic-process/
• Political Speech and Non-Profits (ACLJ) bit.ly/16yaUkI
• Church Political Activity Guidelines store.churchlawtodaystore.com/chpoacgu.html
• "… every generation needs a new revolution…" Jefferson (full, correct quote) bit.ly/HDz83x
• Clean Elections: Changing the Face of Democracy, Bill Moyers (youtube) youtube.com/watch?v=BtwC67DCfPg
• The Human Right to Water, AB 685 (UUSC) bit.ly/170eAxW
• AB 685 (text) bit.ly/170eRku, (analysis) bit.ly/HAAyN5
• San Diego Water Control Board waterboards.ca.gov/rwqcb9/
• UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities un.org/disabilities/convention/conventionfull.shtml
• Pala Tribe: Environment: Gregory Landfill (scroll down) palatribe.com/programs/environment-1
• Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) uusc.org/index.shtml
• Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry (UULM) uulmca.org/main.html

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